Monday, June 17, 2013

Bike Work Stand

My bike needed some repairs.  It is a true pain in the ass to repair a bike without a proper bike work stand. I was not willing to pay $175.00, $190.00, or even $59.99.  So I decided to make my own bike work stand, using only materials in my garage.  

Total cost of project: $0.00 and 1.5 hours of my time.  

First, a picture of some of the tools I used. 

SkilSaw - refurbished via Ebay

One war club and one chisel...

My favorite canvas (see the pallet bench), a pallet:  

I used two pieces from the pallet, one of the main supports and later on one of the 1x4s.  

First stage: main beam sitting in my vice, parallel to the ground.  

This picture shows the main arm of the bike work stand being leveled.  The notch I originally cut was for the width of the bike frame.  That changed later...

Here is the final notch, 3 1/2" to match the width of the 1x4 from the pallet.  

Here are 1x4s from the pallet, the front of the 1x4 has a notch to match the width and depth of my bike's front stem.   The overall length from the square end of the 1x4 to the short point of the notch is 20 13/16".  The space on my bike is 21".  I cut it a little shorter to make room for some pads/towels to stuff in and prevent scratches.  

Another shot of the work stand set up:

Here is a walk around video of the final product.  I added some small bungee cords to stabilize the front wheel as I work on it.  Also notice the towel under the bike to prevent scratches to the frame.  

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